IT has reached critical mass.

Critical mass is when the business depends on digital technology, but it does not have the in-house staff to ensure streamlined IT functionality. Line-of-Business (LOB) software and cloud solutions might be deployed already, and these show potential to deliver new levels of efficiency, agility and customer service. But the expanding network has become complex and unmanageable. Employees are spending valuable time figuring out how applications work, how to fix the network, etc. Malfunctions are too common.

Do these concerns sound familiar?

  • I want to focus on my business, not technology.
  • We need increased reliability and security.
  • Network downtime costs us money.
  • We need more clients, but we can’t afford more personnel.
  • Inventory must be monitored at all times.
  • We need a way to increase billing accuracy.
  • Employees want to work remotely.
  • Employees need to focus on their work, not on troubleshooting.
  • Are there solutions that can help me expand?
  • IT functionality is tied to the bottom line.

Maybe you have tried other IT firms, or you have some full-time staffers, but these solutions are not simple enough. Helios Solutions is the last place, and the only place you need ask for advice. Our IT plans work with your resources and address primary profit drivers: always within budget.

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