The cloud changes the game

80% of SMBs use the cloud¹ to make advanced computing affordable and flexible. Helios Solutions helps you choose the best solutions for your business. Then, we execute so you can get back to earning.

Simplify IT management

Control all your users and services with one control panel, one bill and one phone number if you ever need support.

Extend mobile productivity

Sync your email, calendars, contacts and more across all your computers, smartphones and tablets.

Reduce costs and preserve capital

Eliminate hardware purchases, server maintenance, and licensing and upgrade costs.

Secure your data

Trust our world-class datacenters to offer business-grade security and 99.999% uptime.

Helios Solutions makes the cloud even simpler to manage by: (1) Learning your business; (2) Recommending the optimal applications set; (3) Managing cloud providers for you.

Take maximum control over your cloud solutions with minimal time expenditures, so you and your employees can focus on business growth. Call our Mountain States headquarters at 480-725-0339 today.

¹ RightScale 2014 State of the Cloud Report