Rent IT professionals only when you need them

Enterprises employ Chief Information Officers (CIOs), senior managers and support staff to construct and execute IT roadmaps. But often, smaller businesses do not have the resources to employ an entire IT department on a full-time basis.

Helios Solutions deploys its talented and highly-trained professionals throughout the Mountain States Region on an as-needed basis to solve your human resources challenges at a rate you can afford.

  • Virtual CIO (vCIO)
    SMBs need a professional who can maintain the IT infrastructure but also perform more forward-looking services. Maintenance is not enough; your business needs a technology roadmap that considers the newest technologies available to your industry.

    Helios Solutions stays apprised of the latest trends that might impact you, and our experience in the IT budgeting process ensures that our proposals are executed according to plan. The vCIO is without doubt the most differentiating service available to you

  • Project Management
    You need IT projects to land within timeframe and on budget. Technical knowledge is not enough; your business needs a seasoned project manager who understands human resource planning to ensure success.

    Helios solutions deftly handles all the planning and execution of your IT projects, deploying personnel to your Mountain States location on an as-needed basis until the job is done.

  • Technical Training
    Employees need to learn new tools and processes as business applications develop and change. Helios Solutions deploys an intelligent mix of multimedia and technical trainers to facilitate improvement for everyone. This keeps your business at the forefront of the industry – from infrastructure to practice.

For IT professional services help in the Mountain States Region, call 480-725-0339 today.