“Over 550 laws impact IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)”

Since 2012, the EPA has stated that e-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the United States. At the federal, state, and municipal level, legislators have passed over 550 laws that impact IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). These laws form a gauntlet of penalties for: (1) Failure to handle sensitive information properly (HIPAA); and (2) Failure to dispose of electronics properly. Private suits also pose substantial risk, forcing SMBs to fall into debt from legal fees.

At the breakneck pace of evolving technology, businesses refresh their IT holdings on a regular basis, requiring that old technology be disposed of compliantly and at maximum salvage value. This is the art and science of ITAD.

Helios Solutions considers the business’ strategic constraints and goals while identifying the best disposal plan. Remarketing, recycling, and donation are all prime options to achieve the highest social and financial value from salvage.

What is at stake:

  • Compliance penalties
  • Private suits
  • Customers
  • Brand reputation

What can be gained:

  • Salvage value (in immediate income, deductions)
  • Green brand reputation
  • Reduced risk

Global Coverage and Chain-of-Custody available. For effective IT asset lifecycle management contact us.