The pace of technology and regulations is accelerating.

Enterprises can respond to these changes by deploying entire divisions to human resources and IT requirements. But small and mid-sized businesses find it difficult to filter all of the information without being bogged down in the process. Helios Solutions offers a number of easy wins to give businesses security in the face of complexity and rapid change.

  • Hardware Procurement
    Procurement is one of the key, strategic business processes for your organization. Helios Solutions can help determine requirements for IT systems, communicate with suppliers, administer contracts, manage assets, and assure the quality of the products and services in place.
  • IT Asset Disposition Services (ITAD)
    Over 550 laws impact ITAD in the United States today, requiring businesses to dispose of electronics properly and at the same time protect customer data.
  • Payroll Services
    If you don’t use a cloud-enabled payroll service, you are about to thank us.
  • Professional Services and virtual CIO (vCIO)
    Hiring an IT division is impossible for small businesses and inefficient for most mid-size operations. Helios Solutions offers all the benefits of enterprise on an as-needed basis – from strategic consultation to training.