Put your IT to work!

Helios Solutions was founded in 2002 to help small and mid-sized businesses achieve the most reliable and effective IT service in the Mountain States area. That dedication has driven us to innovate our business model a number of times, adapting to give our clients what they need. The multitude of IT specializations demands the use of a wide range of applications, hardware, and services. But businesses also do not have the time to manage the increasing complexity. Our innovative business model brings you all the functionality through one high-level IT advisor: Helios Solutions.

Our entire team is 100% committed to solving your IT nightmares. We will help you evaluate your IT spend to achieve more.

Small and mid-sized businesses choose Helios Solutions because:

  • We speak to your bottom line – We learn your company, your budget, and your goals. Then we execute by tailoring best-of-breed offerings to your company’s unique requirements.
  • Capability – Helios Solutions is beyond IT management but not above it. You never have to worry about devoting business resources to address IT performance issues. We are on it.
  • Innovation – SMBs get ahead by being faster and better. As the only tech partner you need, we identify the highest value technologies that can return real value for our clients. This is not a “service offering;” it is our responsibility as your tech partner.
  • Strategic Planning – Our business expertise qualifies us to look down the scope of your operating and capital budgets to plan for the future.
  • Committed – Helios Solutions helps you survive the boom/bust cycle by deploying scalable solutions that can support you no matter what.

Real value. Within budget.
Team up with Helios Solutions to gain competitive advantage from your IT.